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lego authors comic

a comic for the lego lovers. authors wanted

October 9th, 2007, 9:38 pm

welcome to the mad house :P

the reason that we made this authors comic, is to give people that may just want to experiment in the lego comic format a chance to do so, with out all of the rigmarole that comes with setting up a comic sight.

we will be adding content to this as we have the time to do so.

thanks for reading and have fun!


austin (Guest), November 18th, 2011, 7:10 pm

lego spongebob and austin the lego maker My name is Austin and I want a crabby patty!"Spongebob,two crabby patties on the double" says squidward. "Ey Ey Captain!" says Spongebob. "Would you like a kelp soda to go with that?" Says Spongebob. "Yes,Please,Thanks!" Says Austin. "Here's your Crabby patty Sir!"Says Spongebob. "Thank you Spongebob,You are a famous fry cook, I would like to show you all the lego creations I made of you! Heres a comic I"ve made just for you!" says Austin. And Mr.Crabs bust through the door saying YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT CRABBY PATTY!!! Then Patrick walks in the door and says Hi Spongebob! "Hi Patrick!" Says spongebob. Patrick tickles Spongebob,Spongebob Laughs,ah ya ah ya.Patricks Sister walks in and Squidward says "AHHHH THERES TWO OF THEM?! " Hey Squirdward and Spongebob,This is my sister Sam" Patrick said.Austin said Hi Sam,Patrick i never knew you had a sister. Gary walks in the Crusty Crab and says MEOW! "Hey Gary whats up,you never came to work" Spongebob says And Austin says hey Gary you are a snail king,you have a shiney shell and i can give you a bath and polish it to make it more shiney!When im off work i will give you a bath.Spongebob says AHHHH Gary is biting Squidward and Squidward screams AHHHHHH,"stop biting Squidward" Says spongebob. So Austin helps get Gary off Squidward and helps give him a bath.After they are done with Garys bath Austin says goodbye! The bus comes and Austin gets on and leaves,Spongebob cries as the bus takes off....The end.

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